Clay-pigeon-shootingClay Pigeon Shooting

Sweden has a centuries old hunting tradition. This means that a lot of shooting training is done. One of the trainings is shooting at clay pigeons with a shotgun. We give you the opportunity get acquainted with clay pigeon shooting. Read more

Bushcraft-200 Bushcraft Basics

We teach you the fundamental skills needed to survive in the wild. Navigate without GPS, map or compass. By reading nature you are able to move forward through the wilderness. With different techniques, you will learn to start a fire, and find water. Learn Bush craft basics at OutdoorSweden. Read more


Climbing, Abseiling & Tyrolean traverseclimbing-200

Steep cliffs tower over Halgån Canyon. Here we teach you the ground basics of climbing. You will climb up the cliff side in Halgån Canyon and descending with the Tyrolean traverse techniqe, you will complete the program.You will be secured with safety equipment during all the activities. Read more


tyroleantraverse-200Zip-line & Abseiling

Excitement, challenge and exceeding your boundaries. With a speed of 50 km.per hour, you will fly over a ravine towards a safe landing. Do you dare to take the challenge? Obviously safety is of most importance. You will be secured with safety equipment during all the activities. Read more


canyon-adventure-200Canyon Adventure

This event is focused on team building with friends, family and businesses. Climbing and descending the cliffs along a ravine. Climb a waterfall and a 22 meter long Burma Bridge cross a ravine. At the end a jump down into the canyon and by means of a long zip-line you make a safe landing at the opposite side of the canyon. A spectacular adventure awaits you! Read more


Beaver safariBeaver Safari

In the evening sun we will slowly and carefully glide forward in a canoe down a small stream. We are in beaver territory! Discover the forests building engineer and partake in a discovery trip you will not soon forget. Read more