Beaver safari

Discover the building engineer of the forest. Enjoy this adventure in silence within the beautiful nature. Keep your camera ready for the picture you don´t want to miss.

The beaver is a mammal which is most active in the morning and early evening. They are more active at night in the areas where they are more likely to be disturbed. Beavers are dependent on water and the surrounding forest. We use a canoe to observe beavers. With the aim to approach them without too much noise and not to disturb.


Before our journey begins, you will be given instructions on how to handle a canoe and paddle. Life vests are an obligation during the time that we are on the water. The participants will be divided up into groups of 2 adults and 2 children per canoe. Any extra children from larger families will ride in the instructors canoe.


Recommended age: 8 years and older

Activity length: 4 hours including drink & snack

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The Beaver

Beavers are dependent on water and the surrounding forest for material for their “castle” which always lies near the water and also near access to food. The beaver menu consists of herbs, flowers, young water lily sprouts, grass and roots and furthermore parts of trees such as the bark stems and twigs, leaves, roots and bushes. In the evening sun we will slowly and carefully glide forward in a canoe down a stream. We are in beaver country and will be in the vicinity of their homes. We do not want to disturb or destroy the natural balance of nature. Your guide will give you much more information on this adventure about the beaver and his living habits. At the end of the safari, we will have some fun and gather around the campfire and talk about our latest experience in the wild nature.

Without warning the water surface breaks and all of a sudden you are eye to eye with the building-engineer of the forest!