Basic coursebushcraft-start-fire

We teach you the basic skills to survive in the wild with limited materials. Learn to utilize what nature has to offer by navigating without GPS, map or compass. With different techniques, you will learn how find shelter, build a fire and find water.

Aim of the course

Without going to extremes, we leave the civilised world behind us. Through various pleasant activities we go “back to basics”. While retaining our respect for the surrounding nature, we will teach you the basic survival techniques.


Contents of the course

  • Orientation by means of natural navigation
  • Navigate with a compass
  • What to do when you get lost
  • Building a shelter from natural material
  • Finding drinkable water
  • Different methods to make fire
  • Preparing food over an open fire

Recommended age: 8 years and older

Activities length: 7 hours including warm food and drinks