Climbing and Abseiling

Climbing, Abseiling & Tyrolean traverse

Excitement, challenge and exceed your boundaries. Obviously safety is most important. You will be secured with a safety line during all activities.

The instructor will give a demonstration and explain everything in detail. After that you will be doing the work. He will also coach you and give you mental training to dare to take it a step further. At the end of the day you’re able, to climb a rock, making a descent on the vertical cliff side and to make a daring jump off the cliff and over the canyon with a diagonal stretched line.


Climbing up a mountainside with using your hands and feet and utilizing the cracks and crevasses in the rock. The climbers will be secured with a safety line. The instructor will coach you so that you can reach the summit.


Is a technique used when descending a cliff with rope. The instructor will explain exactly what you need to do and then coach you down. You may control your own speed during the descent. The safety equipment will ensure a safe descent.

Tyrolean traverse

Is a sensational challenge. With a speed up to 50 km per hour you will descend on a diagonally stretched line. You will take a step over the edge and be suspended on the line all the way down. Just before you meet the ground, the instructor will slow you down so that you have a safe landing. What an adrenalin kick!

[color-box]Activities length: 6 hours including a pause for sandwiches and drinks.

Recommended age: 10 years and older, with good conditionBOOK NOW[/color-box]