Mushroom excursion

Can i eat that?karljohan 

Identify the good mushrooms and also the ones you should by all costs avoid.
What is a mushroom by the way? When are there mushrooms and where can i find them? How do they grow and what do they have in common with other vegetation in the wilderness? There are many stories and mysteries surrounding this food of the wilderness. You will get answers for these questions and more.

After a short introduction with some theory, our guide will take you into thesvart_trumpetsvamp mushroom forest to search and identify the various types of mushrooms. Learn how to handle them at harvest time, how they should be transported and stored, also how the should be prepared for a meal.

After the harvest, we prepare our mushroom meal over a campfire!


Recommended age: 10 years and olderSvamp-Exkursion

Activities length: 5 hours including forest food and drinks

This activity also includes loan of mushroom basket and special mushroom knives.