Navigation course

This course gives a solution for the nature lover who wants tocompaswander alone in the Swedish wilderness, the skills to read a map and compass for to wander alone safely.

This is a one day course which is 8 hours long and will take place at a specified location. You will learn map reading, careful examination of navigation and reading compass routes. The theories coincide with practical information within the area and also to be more perceptive with natural navigation.

You will also learn how to do cross examination and correction of map-readingmistakes in calculations. Afterwards we will practice searching with a map and compass and by natural ways, navigation through the nearby territory.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Know your position on the map
    • Read the map correctly
    • Properly use the compass
    • Use the map and or compass to move in the right direction
    • Know your cross bearings on the map
    • By means of natural navigation determine north 

Recommended age: 12 years and older

Length of course: 8 hours including a pause for sandwiches and drinks