Experience Nature

Bushcraft-200 Bushcraft Basics

We teach you the fundamental skills needed to survive in the wild. Navigate without GPS, map or compass. By reading nature you are able to move forward through the wilderness. With different techniques, you will learn to start a fire, and find water. Learn Bush craft basics at OutdoorSweden. Read more

Beaver safariBeaver Safari

In the evening sun we will slowly and carefully glide forward in a canoe down a small stream. We are in beaver territory! Discover the forests building engineer and partake in a discovery trip you will not soon forget. Read more


karljohanMushroom Excursion

What is a mushroom by the way? When are there mushrooms and where can i find them? There are many stories and mysteries surrounding this food of the wilderness. Learn to identify the good mushrooms and also the ones you should by all costs avoid. Read more



Learn to identify which animals move in the forest by way of identifying their footprints and faecal leavings. Enjoy the wilderness at the same time as you learn to track the forests inhabitants. Read more


kvall-tjaderWilderness- Evening hike

To walk the forest at night is an enormously exciting experience. Few are the ones who voluntarily dare to go out in to the wilderness in the evening when it gets dark. Challenge yourself and take a step into the unknown. Read more


Experience Nature

Join us on a discovery hike. Enjoy the silence and the overwhelming nature. The guide shows and tells what grows, blooms and lives in the Swedish wilderness. Read more