Bush trail


Guided bush trail hike in North Värmlands wild nature.

We walk along animal tracks and cross through forests and over marshes. Therefore, we recommend solid hiking shoes or boots.

Since ancient times, humans have exercised the art of reading animal tracks for survival. To have meat, use the hides for covering their bodies and building shelter. Bones used for tools and weapons, tendons for rope and thread. To be able to effectively and skillfully track animals has been a life necessity. Even today we are using animal tracking skills for survival, hunting, research and pleasure.To walk in the wilderness is always an adventure because there is so many new things to discover every time you step
out into it, but you are not alone there. There are many animals moving in the wilderness and they always leave tracks in the formspor of footprints, faecal leavings and even odours. The fox leaves a very strong scent in late winter early spring during mating season. Moose use trees for scraping off the skin from their fully developed horns in the late summer.

Learn to identify which animals are moving in the forest by reading the tracks they leave after themselves at the same time as you enjoy the wilderness. The chances are great that we may se some wild animals. We are after all tracking!

Recommended age: 10 years and older

Activities length: 4 hours including coffee or tea and sweetbread