Wilderness evening hike

evening-hikeWe trek through the forest, crossing rough terrain and marshes. Therefore, we recommend solid hiking shoes or boots.

The forest is mysterious during the daytime. There is life and movement surrounding at all times. Maybe you can´t always see the animals that are there because they are timid or maybe even sleeping during the day, but you know that they are there. It certainly is exiting to walk in the forest because it´s ever changing and nothing is the same from one day to the next. If you can to walk in the forest and skillfully know where you are by way of natural navigation, then you can walk for hours and discover the beauty of Swedish nature, but what happens when it gets dark?

The sun is starting to set on the horizon. The last daylight is shining with all it´s might somewhere else because in the forest, there isn’t
much room between the huge treetops for the light to seep through. The
shadows are slowly creeping out as the remains of the daylight slowly
fades. It´s dark now and the animals are grousecoming to life as they search for food because it feels safe now when the predator cant´see them, or can it?

To walk in the forest in the evening is a tremendously exiting experience. Few are the ones who willingly dare to go out in the wild nature in the evening when it gets dark. There are strange noises and you may not be sure where you are but you will surprise yourself when you discover that it´s not so dangerous and not so dark as you may think! Challenge yourself and take the step into the unknown.


Recommended age: 10 years and older

Activities length: 4 hours including drink and sweetbread

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